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Something is just not right in Fallen Earth…

I have recently returned to the destroyed world of the Grand Canyon to satisfy my MMO hunger after leaving SW:TOR after my first month.  I love so much about this title that I easily rank it as one of my favorite MMOs, but something still is missing in this game.  I love the setting of FE, I have grown quite tired of typical fantasy MMOs.  The fact that there are no elves is wonderful!  I love the brutal and mature nature of so many of the quests.  The twisted NPCs and their disgusting agendas.  It truly is a unique setting that really helps set it apart from a lot of the usual MMO titles.

Butttttt… and there always is a but isn’t there?

I just seem unable to get past two major issues in this game.  The first is quite simply the lack of player housing.  With such a vast and open world full of long stretches of nothing but dirt, one would think player housing would be an ideal thing to implement.  Yet here we are now 2+ years after launch and player housing is still no where to be seen.  I was in early stages of beta for FE so even dating back to early 2009 I was thinking of scrounging resources from around Sector 1 and piecing together my own trailer trash home in the middle of the barren desert.  Nothing large, just a little spot of dirt with flamingo lawn decoration out front, an old picket fence to keep out roaming critters and perhaps a few crafting benches in my yard to do my business.  Of course player housing serves really two purposes at its core, time sink and resource sink.  Resource sink ties directly into my second issue with FE which is really my biggest issue.

Resources and the economy.

I love the fact that everything in FE is craftable given you have enough time and the resources to do so.  What I hate however is that a player can park their toon in a town at a merchant and just buy up endless resources to grind their crafting.  This is the dog eat dog world of the apocalypse, but have no fear, the armorcraft merchant in the starter town has an endless supply of leather for you to use.   Scrap cooper… no problem.  Need to find cotton in the middle of the dry ass desert, just go see the NPC merchant and pay the exact same price every time.  I had high hopes that the devs would implement a more player driven economy in this game, one in which supply and demand would truly have an effect on things.  Instead, the economy is non existent as any player can simply grind to collect scraps, sell for chips and buy almost all components needed for a crafting recipe… like just about all other current MMOs.  It hardly feels like the apocalypse when their is no shortage of ANY resources.


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