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Join the Day Z rush now!

Unless you have been living in a cave the last few weeks you have undoubtedly heard something about Day Z.  Stories of survival and murder have started to spread through the blogosphere and more and more players are finding there way to the mod… and now you can to thanks to Amazon.

Day Z is a mod for the game ArmA II Combined Operations and Amazon just dropped the price of the digital download version of this game to $14.99, 50% off for a limited time.

For those that do not know about Day Z yet, it is a free mod that spawns new players on a beach with just a pistol and little else and lets them loose to try and survive in a hostile environment during a zombie outbreak.  The game is an FPS but it is nothing like the run and gun FPS style of Call of Duty and other such popular games.  Day Z is a mod of ArmA which is a more realistic military FPS, get shot and die.. or at least get seriously wounded.  Take the realistic combat mechanics and toss in some fast running zombies and let the good times roll.

The tough moral choices presented in Day Z.  Who to shoot… the zombies or their meal?  Typically I would see how it plays out on its own… then pull the trigger 🙂

The fascinating thing about Day Z is that the popularity of this mod has spread almost totally through stories.  Players are telling stories of their adventures all over the internet and winning fans constantly.  Very few stories exist about ‘this one time when I was playing Black Ops’, but almost every player in Day Z seems to have a heart pounding story of approaching a barn and hearing the screams of a zombie and seeing them rush out of the darkness at them.  Rockpapershotgun has a wonderful series of stories about this very thing.

So go on over to Amazon and get ArmA II CO and download Day Z and check this out today.  Bonus, it actually works unlike Diablo III at the moment 😉


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