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One stop digital shopping

Confession time.  Only about 2 years ago did I start to purchase games from Steam.  I resisted for a long time because I am old fashioned and like the idea of physical discs.  I know I know.. I can create my own hard copy backups of my Steam games.  Truth be told, I am a Taurus and simply stubborn as hell.  Then I made my first purchase on Steam, Fallen Earth.  After that I think I can count on one hand the number of actual retail purchases I have made for PC games.  I could make a long drawn out statement about the lack of PC titles in retail stores and such, but honestly it is because it is so convenient and cheap… and I love saving cash.  If I want to spend more money then necessary I will just get married and divorced again.

So needless to say I was thrilled when I stumbled on to  Cheapshark simply pulls all of the digital sales and places them on one page to view.  They also have a wonderful search engine that will search all of the vendors they pull at one time for the game you enter.  Currently they display sales from Steam, Gamersgate, Greenmangaming, Amazon, GOG, Gamefly, Gamestop and Origin.  The service makes things so much more simple then going to each site or viewing their email blasts for their sales.

The only issue is the end result, spending more money on an already overwhelming backlog of games I have yet to play.


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