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Just how amazing is The Amazing Spider-Man game?

First a declaration.  I am done shopping at Kmart for video games.  Yes, you read that right, Kmart.  They have had some pretty great incentive deals over the last year or so that have saved me a bunch of money on my console purchases but things are becoming more trouble then they are worth at that store.  Yesterday was launch day for The Amazing Spider-Man and both of the Kmart stores near me had no copies to sell.  The helpful ladies that looked to be old enough to collect Social Security did their best to assist me in searching for the game but came up with nothing but Edge of Time… no thanks!

So after much chaos I grabbed a copy at my local Best Buy, which along with a free copy of Spider-Man 2 on Blu-Ray (which includes $10 off a ticket to Amazing next week!) is not a bad deal.  So on to the web crawling!

I will not go so far as to say it is amazing, hell I would not even say spectacular at this point.  I will say it is the most solid Spider-Man game in years and a ton of fun.  By choosing to bring the camera in on Spidey Beenox has really captured the insane web slinging and those moments perched on a ledge or antenna are just fantastic.

The Amazing Spider-Man is set shortly after the film which should have been a great thing since movie tie in games usually are horrible and give away the film before even seeing it.  The problem though is the game gives away just about the most important plot developments for the movie during its intro cinematic!  I will not go into details about them, but they are major.  What the hell Beenox?!

Anyways, Spidey is set loose into the city to complete story line missions that advance the game along and in between is free to stop local crimes, compete in Bruce Campbell directed challenges and do some freelance photography as well.  All accessible from the handy dandy Oscorp smart phone HUD.  Completing these missions/challenges earn XP which go towards upgrades in the nature of longer web rush, stronger punches and fast web slinging.  During the course of missions Spidey can find various items such as tech points which go towards upgrading his tech, such as stronger webs.  All and all a nice incentive to seek out and complete side missions.  The issue however is a majority of these side missions are just the exact same thing over and over again, and not just the mission, but the dialogue as well is repetitive.  It seems to me I have stopped the same thugs from robbing the exact same women at least half a dozen times already and each time Spidey tells her to ‘stay frosty”.  Car chase missions are basically the same thing over again as well… web rush to the car… plaster the window in webs and dodge the shotgun till the finish.  The car chase mission looks cool but I really would have liked to have seen more variation in the missions overall.

Many comparisons have been made to Arkham City, and people have been right to do so.  The Amazing Spider-Man employs a similar combat style as AC did, just not nearly as fine tuned.  While in AC you could flow between striking, dodging, parrying and launching special weapon attacks… in Spider-Man you basically launch a barrage of punches then flip out of the way and toss objects at the baddies.  Still a fun system.. and later a bit of variety is added by being able to grab thugs with webs and toss them around, but overall not as complete of a system.

I am not overwhelmed by The Amazing Spider-Man, but I do not regret my purchase.  It has been fun thus far and knowing my gaming habits I will attempt to get everyone of those damn 700 collectible comic books out in NYC which will be more then enough value for my dollar.  What I am most excited about those is the future for Spidey with Beenox.  They have laid down some nice basics in this game and hopefully will only improve upon them..  much like the improvements in Arkham City from Arkham Asylum.



The scourge of 3D

So we are now only one week away from the release of The Amazing Spider-Man movie and I was just online looking to secure a ticket to an early midnite showing… rather see it with a theatre full of geeks.  Anyways, the closest theatre to me is only offering Spider-Man on three screens… and all of them in 3D.

I hate 3D.

To me it is a gimmick.  Sure some films are made specifically with 3D cameras, such as Spider-Man, and utilize the technology well, but it is still a gimmick.  A gimmick that on average costs $2 extra.  It is then a gimmick that is lost when the film moves to the home format as the 3D format is still not widely used by home viewers.

Even in a movie that is filmed in 3D like Spider-Man I can not help but imagine that scenes were crafted specifically to play to the 3D aspect as opposed to the overall quality of the film.  Perhaps worse then this though are post production conversions to 3D like Clash of the Titans.. a film made in 2D with 3D laced over top creating just a cluster fuck of a film quality wise.

Oh… and I hate wearing the god damn glasses!  Just let me pay my $12 and watch Spidey do some web slinging… make the movie stand on its own… no fancy 3D please.


This is the Spider-Man you are looking for

Is it possible that finally, after years of waiting, we are getting a Spider-Man game that truly feels amazing.  Pun intended.

Now that we are 3 weeks away from release of The Amazing Spider-Man game I can finally start paying more attention to the game, and wow… just wow.  Arkham Asylum showed us just how good a comic book inspired game could be, and Arkham City proved it could happen in an open world enviroment… so naturaly Spider-Man needed to happen.  Huge open enviroments, fast paced action, and web slinging… lots and lots of web slinging.

A system called Web Rush has been created which can highlight points in the enviroment for Spidey to interact with in a spectacular fashion.  Why just swing when you can catapult through streets, skip off cars and run off walls to reach that car fleeing the bank.  The concept makes a lot of sense, my only concern is how it will fit into the flow of the game.  I do not want the game to slow to a crawl as I plot out my path to a goal, it needs to be on the fly and feel natural.

The game will take place after the events of the yet to be released movie and focus on Spidey’s adventures in and around the city of New York.  As far as villains go Beenox has choosen one lesser known villain in Rhino, and one almost unknown villain in the form of Iguana.  Spider-Man fans will know the Iguana ties into the mythology in that he was created by Curt Connors, aka The Lizard.  I am hoping that the decision to take a more obscure route and dive into Spider-Man’s history is a sign of the attention to detail in this game lore wise.

The Amazing Spider-Man is set for a June 29th 2012 release date.

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