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This makes me sad

In case the title of my blog was not a give away… I love Aliens.  I personally think James Cameron did the nearly impossible with Aliens and improved on an already great film.  He did so by taking a chance and going the complete opposite direction from what made the first film so intense.  Instead of one facehugger and one xenomorph he filled his movie with wave after wave of these bad ass bugs… and instead of a lone crew of mechanics and engineers he replaced them with a squad of lean mean killing machines… the Colonial Marines.  Today Sega announced they were moving the release of Aliens: Colonial Marines back to Feb 2013.  I am quite sad.  Not as sad as say having a chestburster inside me, but I was really looking forward to this title.  Hopefully the extra time will make this a more polished and enjoyable experience whenever it finally sees the light of day.

The really sad part is that it seemed easier to get those two crappy Aliens VS Predator movies made then to get this game made.  Personally I am hoping for a bonus level in which you can take a squad of Colonial Marines into the building where the AVP movies were developed and just clean house.


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