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A few details about Marvel Heroes

So a few things I notice from the screen shot I took of the developer diary video released yesterday.

  • The UI is very similar to Diablo 1 and 2.  On the left we have a health meter and on the right some sort of energy meter.
  • There are multiple hot keys for powerrs on the UI at the bottom.
  • In the center there are two item hot keys, one appears to be a medkit icon the other looks to be a sort of recall key.
  • There is a menu on the UI at the bottom as well and most of the keys seem pretty standard.  I do notice a $ key which may be a cash or item shop key since the game is f2p.
  • Two icons on the left are labeled as Traits and Unique.  The site mentions each hero will have access to specific powers and abilities for that hero only, perhaps these are selected powers from those pools.
  • The rest is pretty standard UI, mini map top right, chat features bottom left.  Nothing innovative there
  • I used this screenshot other any others as it displays some of the loot from combat.  Woven Wristbands is quite obviously just gear that is picked up, but I noticed also Composite Alloy, Steel and White Dye.

That list item raised a few questions in my mind as I was watching the video.  When a hero picks up something such as Woven Wristbands and equips them do they display on the hero on screen or just in the inventory?  Also, are Composite Allow and Steel indicators that a crafting system will exist in this game to craft your own gear pieces?  If gear can be crafted and can add to our heroes abilities and power will there be an auction house to sell that gear on?

The more I see of Marvel Heroes the more curious I get and the more anxious I become to get my hands on it.


What matters most?

Gazillion Entertainment released a new developer diary yesterday to shed a bit more light on their upcoming game Marvel Heroes, this time a video with COO David Brevik .  They seem to be taking the smart approach now of putting Brevik out in front and really pushing the fact that he was one of the creative heads that made Diablo 1 and 2.  Few people could argue that his being involved is NOT a good thing considering the love for Diablo 1 and 2 in the PC gaming world.

Now the game has not really been shown much and lots of comments around the internet are focusing mostly on one specific aspect of the game, or the lack of something.  Players do not create their own character in Marvel Heroes, much as they did not in Diablo 1 and 2.  Instead you choose from existing characters and play thru the game with them and power them up in ways in which are more suitable to your own style.  So yes, there will be perhaps mulitple Iron Man players at one time, but some may be more defensive built or some could be more offensive built.  Add to that the fact that additional skins for your character can be unlocked or purchased and there can be some significant variety on screen.  For those complaining about three Wolverines on screen at once I have to wonder if playing Diablo 2 with three Paladins was a major issue.. so much so that they stopped playing.

Adding on top of the fact that Brevik is involved is that the main storyline head is Brian Michael Bendis who was a big part of the Marvel Ultimate launch.  Few could reasonably question his storytelling abilities.

So the question is what do you really care about?  Is it absolutely important to create from scratch a character all your own?  I remember the early days of City of Heroes where despite the amazing character creator I was surrounded by Wolverine and Superman copies…. hell even some of the names were copies.  Marvel Heroes is focusing not on the character creator but more on the content to experience.  Personally I want to explore some of these zones… I want to run around as Captain America dishing out justice with my shield or play as Wolverine exploring the Morlock tunnels… especially if I can do so during perhaps say the Mutant Massacre.

I like the approach they are taking with Marvel Heroes.. is it an MMORPG?  Hell if I know.  Will it be massive?  I am not really sure what that means anymore.  I do know it will be online… I do know it will have multiplayer aspects.. not so sure about the actual ‘role playing’ though.  I see it being more of a online mulitplayer action game with large amounts of collectibles and unlockable items.. and marvel characters… and to me that sounds pretty enjoyable.  That is what matters most to me as a gamer… enjoyment.


I’d buy that for a dollar!


I have been spending the last few nights getting comfortable with Diablo III finally and quite enjoying myself even if it is a ‘thin’ game when it comes to story and content… I just enjoy smashing the hell out of stuff ultimately.  The funny thing is that during the downtime with the server issues I have also been replaying an old favorite of mine, Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

For those that never played MUA it is basically a similar title to the older X-Men Legends series of games.  Pick a team of four heroes and battle through level after level of villains on your way to several boss fights.  Simple and easy.  The real joy though in MUA was in the vast amount of unlockable content the game offered.  Players could purchase new heroes such from the Marvel universe to play as, alternate costumes for their unlocked heroes, special abilities to use in combat or increase their existing abilities.  Add to that side missions such as the story levels for each hero to play thru alone and MUA was quite the enjoyable time sink.

So as I was playing Diablo III I was thinking to myself that while I love DC Universe Online, Marvel might do well to go the different route for their planned MMO.  I know they have slowly been releasing concept art of the heroes that will be playable in the game, but today was the first real news bit I have seen about the MMO that gives me a clear idea of what they are doing… and it sounds quite fun.

Check out the brand new teaser trailer that also includes a few seconds of combat!  

The official press release can be found here.

Simply put the game will utilize a F2P model in which players will play as their favorite heroes throughout various locations in the Marvel Universe.  Locations such as Manhattan and Xavier’s Institute will serve as social hubs in which players will interact with other players and collect missions.  Mention is made of constructing each heroes costumes out of their rich history, collecting all kinds of other items and choosing which powers to use as the way to make your hero unique.

Another reason that I found this ironic is I have to admit that I had no idea the David Brevik was the driving force behind Marvel Heroes.  Brevik is of course the co-founder of Blizzard North which created Diablo and Diablo II.  His influence is quite apparent in the teaser trailer above.

I for one can not wait to start spending countless hours unlocking all my favorite characters from the Marvel Universe… Spider-Man and Punisher here I come!

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