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This dragon has no bite

Tomorrow is the release date for the ‘much anticipated’ Dragon’s Dogma from Capcom and I could not be any less excited.  Their marketing for this game has been poor at best with only the occasional banner ad on a site and the demo they released a few weeks ago only did one thing for me, convince me not to purchase this game.  The demo looked pretty but frankly looks are not everything to me.  I found the combat to be fast and hectic but that was not the issue I had with combat.  In the two demo sessions I played on the PS3 I was paired with several companions that seemed to always be getting in the way of the camera.  I often found myself being attacked from off screen somewhere and found it very difficult to locate who was attacking me, then when I did and attempted to unleash one of the special attacks the enemy was engulfed by my companions attacks and dead.  Very frustrating.  I felt Dragon’s Dogma could have done better with a demo in line with perhaps KOA: Reckoning which allowed you to play your character thru several encounters that showcased the various abilities and skills.. instead they felt it a good idea to toss your character right into some pretty intense combat encounters.

Not all was bad with DD though.  I enjoyed some of the settings and really liked the fact that certain boss fights seem to allow you to target the boss in specific spots such as the wings or tail.  Doing so altered the way the boss encounter would play out.  Interesting for sure, but not enough to forgive the fact that I could barely keep my eye on the battle due to the chaos on the screen.  I can not comment on the depth of the RPG experience as that is hardly touched on in the demo.. I have no idea how diverse they allow you to make your character or if it holds any replay value at all.

So for the time being I will not be playing Dragon’s Dogma, at best it looks like a bargain bin purchase somewhere down the road for me if I buy it at all.


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