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What ever happened to just enjoying a game?

It is no secret that I am loving every minute I can get in The Secret World at the moment, some might even call me a fanboy.  Personally I do not care what I get called.  I am a grown man and survived my divorce so name calling is really no biggie.  What I do wonder though is when and why so many in our hobby became so jaded.

What baffles me the most is this concept that anyone that is passionate about a game loses any sense of respectability and can be labeled a fanboy/fangirl.  In this same fashion many seem to display the belief that only those that are critical of a game are truly objective, as if positive observations have no place on a blog or in an article.  The truth is these are ultimately just games but somewhere along the line it seems a portion of this community has lost sight of that.  The enjoyment does not seem to be there anymore for them yet they keep on plowing ahead to the next game alone to once again be objective and tear it apart.

Remember the days of actually getting excited when you defeated a level boss or when you finally hit that ding?  Those are the moments that we should be playing for, the love and passion that make a hobby a hobby.  I have had lots of hobbies in my life and when they start to become less engrossing to me I often times have to ask myself why is that… is it because the hobby itself has changed or is it because maybe I have changed?

Personally I still love gaming and hope to for many years to come.


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