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First info on the July Issue of The Secret World

This bit of information comes via

Adam Smith over at was lucky enough to get a peak at the first issue for The Secret World and what he describes has me quite excited and gives me lots of hope for the future of this game.  According to Adam’s article this content is being referred to as an Issue, such as an issue of a comic series or anthology.  The issue will add new content to already existing areas of the game, namely some new content at the Overlook Motel and Kingsmouth Academy.  Players will return to these locations and expand on the story they have already encountered.

For the exact details you can follow the link above to the article.

What excites me about this is the game is not just expanding vertically from the end content… the end content is throughout now it seems.  Places that players may have explored and completed earlier are now adding more story and in some cases new NPCs entirely.  As a player that is very slow to move from zone to zone this news signals to me that the idea is to expand the game world outward instead of just upward.   We are currently playing at a point in the time line of TSW where the foundation has been and each issue could be seen as a wave of new story expanding out from this point.

This reminds me very much of The Matrix Online.  At launch Matrix Online had a simple concept.  You enter the matrix as a newly awakened player and experience the world but as the game progressed new story lines were created that had players going back to old areas and see the changes… sometimes even to see NPCs killed off and removed entirely.

Just looking at the clock to see how long till I can get home and log back in and adventure even more!




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