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A true modern setting MMO

I have been loving my time in The Secret World the past few days for so many reasons.  A refreshing skill system, multistage quests with actual stories to follow, interesting NPCs.  One thing that has been really great has been the setting Funcom has choosen, modern day.  There is something about going places and questing that could actually exist in the world, like Kingsmouth.  Exploring that town just feels like a New England shore town to me, everything from the mentions of their clam chowder to the mining history museum.

Well one player on the forums that goes by the name Vladimir actually has taken a few photos of New York where the Illuminati are based to show just how accurate Funcom is with some of their settings.

These pictures are just amazing.  Major props to Funcom for being so accurate.. and even more points to Vladimir for getting this pics.  I choose to just post the pics as a link to the forums may stop working if they move things around… and the thread is getting lots of attention since Ragnar himself has already commented on it.


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