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The scourge of 3D

So we are now only one week away from the release of The Amazing Spider-Man movie and I was just online looking to secure a ticket to an early midnite showing… rather see it with a theatre full of geeks.  Anyways, the closest theatre to me is only offering Spider-Man on three screens… and all of them in 3D.

I hate 3D.

To me it is a gimmick.  Sure some films are made specifically with 3D cameras, such as Spider-Man, and utilize the technology well, but it is still a gimmick.  A gimmick that on average costs $2 extra.  It is then a gimmick that is lost when the film moves to the home format as the 3D format is still not widely used by home viewers.

Even in a movie that is filmed in 3D like Spider-Man I can not help but imagine that scenes were crafted specifically to play to the 3D aspect as opposed to the overall quality of the film.  Perhaps worse then this though are post production conversions to 3D like Clash of the Titans.. a film made in 2D with 3D laced over top creating just a cluster fuck of a film quality wise.

Oh… and I hate wearing the god damn glasses!  Just let me pay my $12 and watch Spidey do some web slinging… make the movie stand on its own… no fancy 3D please.



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