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Another Secret World puzzle?

Funcom has once again unleashed to the internet another hidden page related to The Secret World, this time taking the form of a rune wall or door of sorts.  To view the page simply go to and left click anywhere that is NOT a link and then type 33.  Shortly you will find yourself viewing the rune wall.  Or if you want to skip all the fun, just take a look at the image below.

Already the community following TSW has discovered that the runes on the wall are indeed Elder Futhark runes.  This is the oldest form of the runic alphabet and was used during the 2nd to 8th century.  The runes on the wheel are merely in ‘alphabetical’ order at this point and do not seem to have a message.

Everytime another of these ‘clues’ drops onto the web I must admit I get more and more excited for TSW.  I hope that the amount of work they have put into early clues and hidden pages is a sign of the degree of detail and content they have put into the final build of the game.


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