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KOA:R … combat is king

Another night of questing and thrashing in Amalur has concluded and I can say with great certainty that combat is the feature that is defining this game for me.  While the art style and setting has been enjoyable and the story line created by the developers has been interesting, nothing has been more pleasing and refreshing then the action.  I am really starting to appreciate the fast travel system as well as I find myself hopping between caves to just try out different techniques and fighting styles to find what fits me best.

One thing that has also been extremely helpful and refreshing is the Fateweaver reset.  Nothing annoys me more in RPGs then getting a portion of the way into a game and deciding I want to experience a different playstyle and having to burn thru the same content all over again just to try something different.  I started KOA:R with the decision to go all in with Might as my ability focus but discovered last night that I really enjoy the fast striking of daggers over the slow strikes of the swords.  Of course I have already sunk 30 points into Might and 0 into Finesse, but by paying the fee at a Fateweaver I can reset those points and dump them into Finesse to try my hand at that style for a while.

My mind is now racing with possible skills combinations, weapons combinations and spell combinations.  I love the Quake ability in the Might tree that sees rocks shoot up from the ground damaging and stunning enemies, but now prefer the speed of the daggers… I can easily drop a few points into Might to obtain the lowest form of that ability then dump more points into Finesse to maximize my dagger damage and unlock the multiple strike dash attach.  Now I can roll into combat and hit my target with a fast series of strikes inflicting the DOT effect from bleeding, launch a Quake strike to put them off balance then flow right into a 5 strike dash attack to finish them off.. and it all flows flawlessly.

This is what combat should feel like.


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