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More info coming to light on The Secret World has posted a new article today that shows some examples of custom builds for the three factions in The Secret World.  These builds will be more like waypoints for players to use if they choose to pursue a specific playstyle from the beginning instead of just experimenting with the 500 skills on the skill wheel.  While I love the concept of a classless MMO with such a diverse skill selection, I think this is a great move on the part of Funcom.  Not every mmo player out there will want to experiment and learn to mix and match the skills, some just like to play a traditional class from the beginning and this will help fill that need.  Myself, I will be experimenting all around the wheel to get a feel for different abilities and actions in the game before I settle in to a role.

I must say I have been following TSW for quite some time now and the more information that they release to the public the more excited I get for this title.  The modern setting, the emphasis on lore and puzzles, a true 3 faction system and the massive open skill wheel are all things that challenge a lot of the notions that the MMO genre has seemed to accept as the norm the last 5 or so years and I for one will be there at day one to help support this new title.


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