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Reckoning is here!

Last night saw the midnite release of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, an RPG I have been following and anticipating for some time now.  Since the game is made by Big Huge Games based right here in the Baltimore area, there was a local release event put on by Gamestop and Big Huge Games.  The turnout was quite significant, though to be honest I think the crowd was 2 to 1 developers over costumers.  The devs treated those of us waiting in line to pick up copies to a good amount of swag, and of course were nice enough to sign our copies.   I was able to score myself a Troll themed t-shirt and also got my PC edition signed by several of the devs including the man Ken Rolston.

I have to say that the general attitude of these people was pretty impressive.  They were having their own cook out in the parking lot, almost as a sort of casual release party for themselves and they were all very friendly and willing to discuss what they did on the project.  What was interesting most of all was to see Rolston interact with members of the team.  Apparently holding hands with Ken and jumping up and down to see how high you can jump is some sort of BHGs inner office tradition as I was witness to this event several times.

Typically I do not attend midnite releases as I am now in my mid 30s and usually prefer a solid nights rest over getting a game just a few hours early, but BHG made this a fun evening.. and now hopefully KOA:R will be just as much fun.


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