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Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1985)

First and foremost… no.. Michael Myers is not in this movie.  Thanks for pointing that out.  But is it actually a good movie??

Tom Atkins and his late 70’s early 80’s gay porn mustache stumble upon the evil plan of a modern day coven to kill children and restore Halloween to it’s true origin.  Of course they do not want to just kill children with needles in apples or some weak shit like that, they want to melt their brains using top quality latex masks and horribly addictive advertising on tv.  The coven is lead by a guy that looks eerily like Ted Knight from the Mary Tyler Moore show and Too Close for Comfort.  Disturbing.  It is actually a very underrated film for the horror genre, how many films do they actually succeed in killing kids? Not to many.  So they tackle that taboo pretty hard, add in genre favorite Tom Atkins and it makes for a good film.

After Halloween 2 it is actually the best ‘sequel’ in the series.  They decided to drop the one trick pony MM and attempt to turn the Halloween series into an anthology with a new film each year.  Considering the quality of the further sequels that would have been the better path to follow.. but alas Hollywood rarely does what is best for the genre and goes for the quick sale.  After this film John Carpenter left the series completely having directed 1, written 1 & 2 and produced 1,2 & 3. It would be 6 years until the series was brought back and rather than do something original the new producers just brought back MM and give him a line of bodies to slash through.  At this point they were merely trying to keep up with the F13 series, already up to 6 installments and the Nightmare series.


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