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Fright Night (1985)

A great example of how to make a vampire film modern without going the route of self-loathing emo twink goth.  The main vampire in this film does not sparkle… he does not play baseball… and most importantly he does not want to one half of a codependent dysfunctional relationship.  He wants to sleep all day and kill expensive hookers at night.  Interfere with those plans and he does what any respectable creature of the night will do… turn your best friend, steal you girl and make her his toy and fuck with you like a fly in a web.

The 80s were a great time for horror.  Real special fx here, no lame ass CGI that studios love using today.  You get some quality FX, some really good humor, a nice set of actual real breasts, Roddy McDowall as the vampire slayer and the amazing Chris Sarandon as the vampire.  Stephen Geoffreys makes a great sidekick for the nerdy Charlie Brewster… shame he only went on to do the much underappreciated 976-evil before deciding hey… I want to do gay porn for a few years.  I guess you have to take work when you can get it, but damn.

This film came out about the same time as the much more serious Lost Boys but is a great addition to the vampire genre of films.  It takes some elements of the classic films such as the creepy old house, vampire seduction and even the classic vampire slayer, but places them all in a modern day setting that makes for a great film.




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