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Night of the Demons (2010)

A remake of the classic 1988 film by the same name.  The story has pretty much been unchanged, a small group of friends attend a late night party at a house that was once host to black magic and ritual murder, naturally things go from bad to really bad for them.  It is what it is, a movie with nudity, sex, drugs and gore.  I would say the film is nothing special, but one thing does set it aside from other films of its nature being made today.  The LACK of CGI special effects.  Granted, they use some in this film, but they are minimal, leaving most of the monster effects and gore to actual special effects artists.  I am no fan of CGI in my horror and it amazes me that after 30 years of slasher/gore films the industry has just decided to abandon classic special effects and go the way of CGI.  I respect the effort to make this film in the same nature as the original, with lots of tits and real effects.  There are also other small nods to the original in this version such as the lipstick sequence and the infamous Angela dancing scene, though slightly different.

Of course the film has its flaws, like the entire sequence with Edward Furlongs character at the strip joint felt like extra footage that we just did not need since the ‘bad guy’ from those scenes is not seen again till after the credits.  And speaking of Edward Furlong, someone needed to put him on a treadmill for awhile before putting him in front of the camera, casting him seemed odd since I could not stop thinking of how heavy and chubby he looked in the film, probably should have just cast his role with another CW actor like the rest of the cast.  Shannon Elizabeth delivered as Angela and her outfit with those boots only added to my love for her in this movie!

I found it to be an enjoyable throwback to the films of the 80’s for sure.  We get one face ripped off, one woman fucked to death and turned into a demon, tentacles, lesbian action, extremely fake breasts, and multiple scenes of impalement.  Good times all around.


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