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The Exorcist (1973) 2010 Digital Remastered Version

Really one of the best films ever made, on so many levels.  Wonderful characters full of conflict, doubt and courage.  I think really breaking this movie down is not needed much, as most people have seen it.  The newest print however did have a few things going for it that the previous versions did not.  Added sound effects that seemed much more clear and creepy.  The growls and the scratching were really well done.  The picture was vastly improved also over past versions.  It was not as noticeable during the inside and night sequences, but the digital upgrade really shined when in Iraq.  It was remarkable to see how crisp and clear they were able to make the outdoor scenes in the desert, I am sure it will look wonderful on bluray with 1080.

After the film they showed about a 20 minute segment of a behind the scenes making of with footage of how they did some of the effects and some screen tests.  I have actually not scene this footage before so it was a nice addition.  Go figure, there are things out there I have not seen still!

One thing that did bug me was at a point during the interviews they kind of take shots at the horror genre, like to be classified as horror is bad for The Exorcist.  At one point they call it a theological thriller or a supernatural detective story.  Personally I can not stand this ‘we are to smart’ to be horror ego so many people seem to have.  I have a rant on this coming up, but need a few shots of Jack to get me worked up more first.

Bottom line, if you missed this in theatres tonite you can still pick it up on bluray when it hits shelves Oct 5.  I think it will be well worth the price tag, hell even without all the extra footage its worth it.


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