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The Last Exorcism

So what do you get when you take one part Blair Witch, one part Rosemary’s Baby and toss in misleading advertising?

The Last Exorcism of course.

Now this is a movie that right away you can sense has its issues as it was marketed as Eli Roth presents.  Now anytime that type of promotion is used a flag automatically goes up in my mind.  Outside of perhaps John Carpenter I am always suspicious of why a name is being used to encourage us to see a film.  In fact, Eli Roth is not the director of this film, merely attached as a producer.

My second major issue with the film is the bullshit poster above.  This was used as the main poster leading up to release.  Kind of creepy.  Ewwwww spiderwalk, scary.  To bad that scene is not in the fucking movie.  Shit like that pisses me off.

The movie had multiple ‘surprise’ twists it kept throwing at you just when you thought you had it figured out to.  Granted, sometimes that can be fun, but not when the twists get more silly each time.  Sure, you will take me off guard when its so fucking ridiculous.  Good job director.

The ending of this movie is so silly it has earned a spot in the What The Fuck Were They Thinking catagory.  I truly have to wonder if this was test screened before release.  If it was, what kind of stupid ass testers were they using?


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