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Few movies anymore these days make me thankful for having spent $10 to see as a first run film, Machete is one of those rare films.  Aside from going as a group with good friends, which is a rare but valued way to see a movie, Machete reminds me of why I love genre films so much.  You can just tell while watching the movie that everyone had fun making the film and knew it was a labor of love and enjoyment. 

Recap: Badass motherfucking mexican federal officer, betrayed by a naked woman (they often do) and left for dead by an inflated Steven Seagal.  Few years rest, then  sucked into a web of lies, murder and mayhem.  Add in a few random sexual partners and some crazy ass day laborers and its a gold mine.  Also clocking in at about 90 minutes its just the right length.  I read a few reviews afterwards that criticized the plot and the acting.  Really? The acting and the plot are the biggest issue you had with this movie?  Go fuck yourself you pretentious asshole.  How about just enjoying a 90 minute thrill ride that is a tribute to the bad cinema of the 80s we grew up on.  I will take Machete over Avatar anyday!

That being said, where is my Thanksgiving day movie!


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