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The Collector (2009)

Brought to us by the writer of Saw 4,5, and 6 as well as Feast, Feast 2 and Feast 3, the Collector pretty much is what you can expect.  Granted, I enjoyed The Collector more then any of Marcus Dunstan’s other projects, but I think that is because this time he was also behind the camera, not just the story.  It was some of the floating camera work and the long steady shots with no dialogue that made the movie much more suspensful then any of his past projects proved to be.  That being said, you can see elements of Saw in The Collector that I did not really enjoy.   I was over the complicated traps to slowly kill people phase after one viewing of the first Saw, and The Collector just piles more of that onto the viewer again.  I did enjoy the shot of Madeline Zima’s breasts, and her death was warranted for just being annoying.  Overall quite a gory film.  Cat mutilations, impaling, human cross-stitching, and various other types of on screen sequences made it an amusing film to watch.


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