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The Fly (1986)

One of the few remakes that did not piss me off.  In fact, it is one of the few films that I think does a better job than the original.  Granted, I would never expect the special effects from the original to compare to the Cronenberg remake, but I felt the overall story and message was better told and more powerful than the original.  That being said, Cronenberg delivers a wonderful onscreen depiction of a man falling about piece by piece after his DNA is altered.  Cronenberg is often overlooked as a director whose films have a message, he is much more often just dismissed as a gory horror director.  Considering this movie was released in 1986 it is simple to see the analogy to AIDS destroying the body from inside. 

Jeff Goldblum was a great casting choice as he fits the uneasy and isolated Seth Brundle role perfectly.   His detached view on his early transformations is comedic, and disturbing as he documents and catalogs body parts falling off.  Towards the end he begins to lose his detached view as he realizes the death of his human side is approaching and he is losing the battle to the DNA of the fly.  Memorable scenes include his medical cabinet museum of parts and a scene where he demonstrates how he eats through dissolving food with stomach acids projected out of his mouth.  Quality stuff.

Geena Davis does her part and is believable as the compassionate and supportive love interest, until things just get to damn disgusting.  John Getz plays the ex-lover of Geena Davis and fits the creep role great.  This guy just made me feel groos by watching him on screen.  Maybe it was that beard and those ‘Bitch! Make me a sandwich!’ eyes.

A great remake, disgusting, disturbing and a super fun ride from beginning to end.


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