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Zombie (1979) or Zombi 2

Yes that is a shark… and yes that is a zombie… and hell yes they fight!

Really with that  line, what more do you need to know about a film to know it is worth your time?  How about gore, gore, gore and more gore.  While the 70s produced that disturbing genre of music called disco, it was also the time that gave birth to what I consider one of the best eras of horror yet.  During this time the Italians created some amazing pieces of work, among them Zombie.  I will not bother with actors or actresses, since most of them are unknown to Americans.  I will not comment on their actual acting abilities since like all films from this era they all were filmed then dubbed over for theatrical release.  It was not uncommon during this time for several different languages to be spoken while filming and I think this is why sometimes things are so one dimensional… but really.. we do not watch movies like Zombie for character development and high drama.  We watch for the wet stuff.

A boat rolls up into New York with a fat ass zombie on board and somehow a group of people find there way because of that to an island that is infested with the undead.  Whatever.  All that matters is lots of folks really end up regretting taking the trip and are made to pay for it in really unpleasant ways.

The film goes by several different titles (as do a lot of European films from this era) but the most common title is just plain Zombie.  It was released as Zombi 2 in Italy… Dawn of the Dead was released as Zombi.. this lead way to the thought that this was a sequel of sorts to Dawn of the Dead when in fact there is no relation at all.  Lucio Fulci followed Zombie up with a series of intensely violent films like City of the Living Dead, The Beyond and The New York Ripper.   His films were popular at grindhouses and drive-ins since they were mostly released as X due to the level of violence.


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