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Oh Martyrs, what a sick fucked up ride you are.  Not to many movies bother me really, but Martyrs is a film that having seen it once and being unsettled by it, I never really plan on watching again.  It starts out quite simple enough and revs up to a very intense home invasion scene, but quickly goes ape shit crazy and sends the viewer on a trip to crazy land with its 2nd and 3rd act.  I do not want to say much more since I think anyone that watches Martyrs should have the same chance at  experiencing what I did when I watched it.  Pressing stop when its done, getting in the shower and just trying to rinse away the ick.  Its not so much overly graphic throughout as it is slow and brutal in very specific ways that just bothered me.  Point of reference, I order a pizza and grab a tall drink when watching The Exorcist so I am not particuarly sensitive.  Very few things bother me, but on screen rape and Martyrs are two of them. 

Been there… done that.  What I find most amusing is the constant stories about trying to remake this movie for an American audience.  Good luck with that.


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